If you are interested in purchasing a hedgehog from an upcoming litter, please add yourself to the waiting list.

Please note: Hedgehogs are illegal to own in Fairfax County, Virginia (plus Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Georgia, Maine and New York City). If you are from these areas, I can not sell to you. Thank you!

I’m excited to be meeting with new hedgehog owners soon.

Before coming to pick up your pet hedgehog, please take some time to watch my care video: http://riddleshedgehogs.com/an-introduction-to-hedgehogs-hedgehog-basics-video

I have an online scheduler to help make things run more smoothly at pick up time. All of my available times are listed here: http://riddleshedgehogs.com/for-sale/book-your-appointment

I will be providing a travel carrier for the hedgehog’s ride home. I also have cage kits and small animal heated pads available for purchase. I can accept credit/debit/cash at pick up here. Virginia sales tax will be added.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Current Breedings

Please understand that I cannot check in on new litters until they are at least 8 days old. I will post information above and notify the waiting list once they are around 3-4 weeks old. Thank you!

These are all of my scheduled breedings until the Spring of 2015. If a breeding is unsuccessful, I may attempt to rebreed the pair during the Winter months, but Winter breedings are less successful. I do not expect to have more than a handful of babies available throughout the Winter months.

Dam Sire Due/Born Litter Size Estimated Ready Date
Sallie Toby 12/9/14 NBY 1/20/15
Greta Zeke 12/9/14 3 1/20/15
Ella Dale 12/9/14 1-fostered to Greta 1/20/15
Tulip Zeke 1/7/15 NBY 2/18/15
Sophia Buckingham 1/7/15 NBY 2/18/15
Paris Wellington 1/7/15 NBY 2/18/15
Wynona Jake 1/14/15 NBY 2/25/15
Nutmeg Wellington 1/14/15 NBY 2/25/15

*These are first time moms.
NBY=Not Born Yet

Paid Waiting List

I am NOT accepting any more deposits at this time. Please contact me if you are interested in an upcoming litter. There are 4 babies that have been born in December and will be posted on this page on 1-3-15 and I will be contacting my paid waiting list (below) at that time. 

#1 Elizabeth – $50.00 Deposit Received on 12-6-14

#2 Natalie – $50.00 Deposit Received on 12-10-14

#3 Jonina – $50.00 Deposit Received on 12-13-14

Make a Deposit

Deposits are nonrefundable, but may be applied to any future hedgehog purchase from Riddle’s Hedgehogs.